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Average Cost of A Wedding DJ

How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost?

Now that you know what type of DJ to hire, and what their roles will be, now you can begin to search for a DJ that will be within your budget. You are probably wondering;

How much does it cost to hire a Wedding DJ?

You should expect to pay somewhere between $800-1600 for a professional DJ who is licensed and insured, will provide basic lighting and emcee services. This breaks down to about $100/hour, plus any add-ons such as lighting, dry ice, games etc.

To break it down even further, there are three main tiers of pricing for Wedding DJ Services;

  1. Budget DJ Services ($400-800)
  2. Professional DJ Services ($800-2000)
  3. Premium DJ Services (More than $2000)

Budget DJ Services $400-800

If you are looking for DJ services on a smaller budget, there are many DJ’s out there who can help you put together an awesome event without breaking your bank. There are also a variety of alternative services that will allow you to provide music without a DJ.

Professional DJ Services $800-2000 

Since the DJ will likely be operating the microphones, it’s not uncommon for them to be the host of any games, wedding events, or announcements during your wedding. They will introduce you and your bridal party to the entire room, announce your first dance, and even mingle with your guests as they request music. A master Wedding DJ/MC will also interact with your guests in a way that leaves them feeling excited and energized.

Premium DJ Services $2000+

Your Wedding DJ should work with you to pick the music for your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing, as well as events and games. During your wedding day, your DJ will trigger these events to unfold by cuing music and making announcements. An exceptional Wedding DJ should help the bride and groom plan and maintain the flow of the event in a way that minimizes downtime and maximizes up-time. 

What Type of DJ Should I Hire for My Wedding?

The important thing to remember is that you want to hire a DJ who will happily interact with your guests, who will cater playlists to the people on the dance floor instead of themselves, and who will help to maintain your desired flow and atmosphere of the event. That is why you should hire a Wedding DJ who has lots of reviews and recommendations.