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Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas

What Activities and Games Should You Have at Your Staff Party or Corporate Event?

Your company’s corporate event or staff party is a significant occasion, and you want your guests to remember it fondly. With a plethora of entertainment options available, choosing the right activities and games to enhance the event can be a challenge. To help you plan a memorable corporate event, we’ve curated a list of our top entertainment ideas.

Here are some of our favourite staff party ideas;

Corporate Event Photobooth Rental

A photobooth is a fantastic addition to any corporate event or staff party, offering your guests an opportunity to capture and treasure memories from this special occasion. Our photobooth services come complete with various backdrops, props, and personalized photo strips, ensuring that your guests can have fun and create unique photos they can cherish forever. With unlimited prints, attendees can snap as many pictures as they like, making it easy to share memories with colleagues and friends.

Our photobooth services are designed to be user-friendly and hassle-free. Attendees can take their own pictures and instantly print them out, adding a fun and interactive element to the event. Our photobooth attendants will be on hand to assist guests and ensure smooth operation throughout the evening.

Having a photobooth at your corporate event not only enhances the overall experience but also provides a fun and engaging activity for your guests to enjoy. With our photobooth services, you can guarantee that your staff party or corporate event will be filled with laughter, memorable moments, and personalized keepsakes for everyone.

Group Activities for Staff Parties

Musical Chairs Scavenger Hunt

This is one of our all-time favorite group games, creating an immensely entertaining atmosphere that is enjoyable for both participants and spectators. The game’s premise is simple: it’s a scavenger hunt set to music and dancing. Instead of circling around chairs, contestants must race to find specific items in the room and return to their starting point with those items.

As with traditional musical chairs, there should always be one or two fewer starting points than there are participants, ensuring that the last to return with the required items is eliminated. Each round, the DJ or MC will announce a different item for everyone to find. While contestants search the room for their designated item, the DJ can play lively music, pausing it only when the last available starting point has been occupied.

Any participant who fails to return with the correct item and occupy a vacant starting point will be disqualified. To keep contestants engaged, eliminate one or more starting points with each round. Create a list of items that are readily available at your event, including everyday objects and humorous items to add a playful twist to the scavenger hunt.

Simon Says

A classic party game that’s usually reserved for children but can be a lot of fun with a large group of adults on the dance floor. The game’s premise is straightforward: participants receive commands one at a time, such as “touch your head,” “stand on one foot,” or “high-five yourself.” However, they should only obey the commands that begin with “Simon says.”

For example, commands like “Simon says close your eyes” must be obeyed, while commands not preceded by “Simon says,” such as “jump up and down,” should be ignored. Participants who follow orders without the “Simon says” prefix or fail to obey orders that do include it are eliminated.

Tricky Game

In contrast to Simon Says, this game involves doing the opposite of what’s instructed. Like Simon Says, you’ll gather a large group of participants on the dance floor while the DJ or MC issues commands. If the command is “Run,” participants can jump, sit down, or even stand still—anything except running. In the Tricky Game, any participants who follow the given command are eliminated. 

Centerpiece Giveaway – Hot Potato – Table Game

Looking to liven up table conversations? Try playing “Hot Potato!” Grab a napkin or a spoon (clean, of course) and pass it around while the DJ plays upbeat music. When the DJ stops the music, the person holding the item is out. Continue until only one person remains at each table. The DJ can add commands after stopping the music to change who holds the item, such as “pass it across the table,” “pass it to the left twice,” and “pass it to the oldest person,” or combinations of these commands to make the game more interesting.

The Four Corners

Everyone rushes to one of the four corners of the room. In each turn, everyone from one randomly selected corner is eliminated until only one winner remains. When there are only two people left, they must each choose a different corner. 

Mummy wrap

In this game, the crowd is divided into smaller groups that must work together to wrap one person from their team entirely in toilet paper. When the timer runs out or the music stops, the team with the best and spookiest mummy, with no gaps in the toilet paper, wins!

Pie or Pizza eating competition

Colleagues can get quite hungry, so why not turn it into a competition? Pick your food and organize a competition around who can eat it the fastest.


How low can you go? Limbo is another classic party game that eliminates one player at a time until only one winner remains. Participants line up behind a horizontally held pole at shoulder height. One by one, they must lean backward and pass under the limbo pole. If they touch the pole, fall down, or touch the ground with anything other than their feet, they are eliminated. After each round, the pole is lowered by a few inches until only one player remains.

In some cases, the pole may be lowered to the point that none of the remaining contestants can pass under it. To ensure a clear winner, we suggest repeating any round that eliminates all remaining players. For example, if only three players remain and all fail a round, repeat that round until only one player remains.

You’ll need a 6-foot-long pole and two volunteers to hold it as contestants pass under. Instruct the volunteers to keep the pole parallel to the ground and maintain consistent height during each round. The DJ should play music throughout the contest and can even use a sound effect whenever a contestant is eliminated.

Award Ceremony

Hosting an awards ceremony at your staff party can elevate the entire event, adding an extra layer of excitement and recognition. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding contributions and achievements of your team members. Whether it’s acknowledging years of dedicated service, highlighting exceptional performance, or simply recognizing the dedication and hard work of your employees, an awards ceremony can make everyone feel valued and appreciated. With a carefully planned ceremony, you can create memorable moments, foster team morale, and inspire your staff to continue delivering their best. It’s a fantastic way to show your team that their efforts are not only noticed but also deeply valued by the organization.

Dancefloor Games for Corporate Events

Freeze Dance

During this game, participants dance to the DJ’s music. When the DJ suddenly stops the music, everyone must freeze in their current dance position. Anyone who moves or loses their balance is eliminated. The DJ continues to play and stop the music, eliminating dancers until only one winner remains.

Dance Battle

Divide participants into teams and hold a dance battle where each team takes turns showcasing their best moves. Judges or the crowd can decide which team delivered the best performance.

Dance Roulette

The DJ plays short snippets of different songs, each requiring a distinct dance style (e.g., salsa, hip-hop, waltz, etc.). Participants must quickly adapt and perform the corresponding dance style until the DJ switches songs again.

Dance Tag

Similar to a regular game of tag, participants must try to avoid being “tagged” by the designated person (“it”). However, everyone must keep dancing while playing. If someone is tagged, they become the new “it” and must try to tag someone else.

Balloon Games

Balloon Game 1

Want to add an element of surprise to your event? Divide your guests into teams and have them compete in a relay race to sit on balloons and pop them. The first team to pop all the balloons and cross the finish line is the winner.

Balloon Game 2

Another exciting variation is to divide the room into two teams, each represented by a different colour. Teams must tie balloons of the corresponding colour to their ankles and attempt to pop the opposing team’s balloons while safeguarding their own. If all of a team’s balloons are popped, they must exit the game. The last colour standing wins!


Skill Based Games for Staff Parties

Talent Show

Organize a talent show where participants can exhibit their unique skills, such as singing, dancing, magic tricks, or even stand-up comedy. Have a panel of judges or let the audience vote for their favourite performance.

Art Corner

Set up a designated area where participants can take part in a live art competition. Provide art supplies and allow them to create drawings, paintings, or sculptures based on a given theme. Display the finished artworks and have attendees vote for their favourites.

Minute-to-Win-It Challenges

These quick and enjoyable games test participants’ skills in short, timed challenges. For instance, participants can compete in a cup-stacking race, a cookie-face challenge (moving a cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands), or a marshmallow toss (catching marshmallows in their mouth from a distance).

Trivia Quiz

Prepare a list of trivia questions covering various topics, such as pop culture, history, or even company-related facts. Divide participants into teams and have them compete to answer the questions correctly. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Let’s Make Your Corporate Party Legendary

Your corporate event or staff party is an occasion that your guests will cherish for years to come. With Legendary Sound as your corporate event DJ, you can be confident that your event will be unforgettable. Offering a variety of entertainment options, from photo booth fun to live music, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Book us today to ensure your corporate event becomes legendary!

Note: Please consult with your company to ensure that any mentioned activities are permitted and suitable for your corporate event.

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