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What Is The Cost of A Wedding DJ

What Is The Average Wedding DJ Cost?

If you’re new to hiring a Wedding DJ as most couples are, it can be hard to navigate the variety of pricing and offers out there in the wedding industry. While some DJs are only charging a couple of hundred dollars, others seem to be charging thousands, so what gives?

The cost of hiring a wedding DJ will vary based on several factors including your location, the size of your wedding, the type of DJ, and the variety of services or add-ons desired. If you do enough shopping around you may find quotes for wedding DJ services as low as $500 and as high as $5000. However, we find that for a professional who is licensed and insured, with tons of experience the average cost of a wedding DJ is about $2000. This includes your ceremony, reception, sound and lighting system as well as about 8-10 hours of service.


The Average Cost of A Wedding DJ in Toronto is $2000.

How Much Should I Budget For My Wedding DJ?

We can further explain the cost of a wedding DJ by breaking the average wedding DJ prices into the following three tiers of DJ service; Budget DJ Services, Professional DJ Services, and Premium or Luxury DJ Services. As it turns out there is a huge difference between the three different tiers of service, however, we find that what couples desire most from their wedding DJ is professionalism, a positive attitude and tons of experience. With that in mind, we highly recommend hiring a professional wedding DJ.

We recommend you budget between $1000-3000 for Wedding DJ Cost.

A Professional Wedding DJ by our definition is a registered, licensed and insured DJ Company with 2 years of experience or at least 50 weddings. Visit our blog to learn more about the 6 Different Types of DJ you might meet. Or, if you’re the type of person that wants to know all the details before making a decision, we’ve put together an entire guide on hiring the perfect DJ for your wedding.

How Much Is A DJ For A Wedding?

The truth is, not all DJs are the same. There is a big difference in quality of service between a hobbyist DJ and a Professional Wedding DJ. But even amongst the pros, there is a large variety in both the quality and content of your wedding DJ package that can make your buying decision quite difficult. The key factor to remember is that if you’re looking for a DJ that can help you through a great wedding party, you’re going to want to hire a Professional Wedding DJ.

The cost of the DJ for your wedding could be;

  1. Budget DJ Services ($500-1000)
  2. Professional DJ Services ($1000-3000)
  3. Premium DJ Services ($3000-5000)

Budget-Friendly DJ Services $500-1000

If you are looking for DJ services on a smaller budget, there are many DJs out there who can help you put together an awesome event without breaking the bank. From newer DJs looking to build their portfolio to Freelance DJs who don’t have the same overhead expenses as Pro DJ Companies, there are a variety of low-cost DJ options. Some DJ Companies also offer alternatives to traditional DJ Services such as DIY Wedding DJ or equipment rentals. 

Some Budget-Friendly Options Include;

  • Freelance DJs
  • Micro Weddings
  • DIY Wedding

Professional DJ Services $1000-3000

Since the DJ will likely be operating the microphones, it’s not uncommon for them to be the host of any games, wedding events, or announcements during your wedding. They will introduce you and your bridal party to the entire room, announce your first dance, and even mingle with your guests as they request music. A master Wedding DJ/MC will also interact with your guests in a way that leaves them feeling excited and energized.

What to Expect from a Professional Wedding DJ;

  • Highly Skilled DJ & MC
  • Tons of Wedding Industry Experience
  • Professional Lighting & Sound
  • Licensed and Insured

Premium DJ Services $3000-5000

Premium DJ services are becoming more and more popular in North America as the wedding industry continues to grow. In addition to the services offered by many professional DJ companies, premium service providers also offer a level of customer service beyond your expectations. From top-of-the-line sound and lighting equipment to personalized gifts and keepsakes they work closely with couples to craft the ultimate wedding experience.

Some Premium DJ Services Include;

  • Destination Weddings
  • Luxury Weddings
  • Multi-day Events
  • All-inclusive Weddings

Average Cost of Different Wedding DJ Packages

The cost of your wedding DJ services will also be determined by what type of wedding DJ package you are looking for and how many hours or staff members might be required. There will be a large difference between the cost of a 30-person micro-wedding and a 300-person wedding with DJ services during the ceremony & reception. There are also tons of different add-ons that are commonly provided by DJs such as photobooth, slideshow and even dry-ice or indoor fireworks.

There are dozens of ways to package together DJ services and add-ons, so let’s have a look at some of the most popular types of Wedding DJ Packages, what they include and how much they might cost. Please note that these are commonly seen prices in the wedding DJ industry, however, if you are looking for the pricing of our packages please visit our Wedding DJ Services page.

DIY Wedding DJ Package

The ultimate DIY wedding music package.

Although very few DJ companies offer this, if you’re planning to have a wedding without a professional DJ, this will save you loads of time. Comprised of detailed consultation with an experienced wedding DJ, equipment rental & setup guide, and access to tons of highly organized, wedding-certified playlists to ensure you make the best of your wedding.

Package Includes;

  • Consultation with experienced DJ
  • Equipment rental & setup guide
  • Access to dozens of wedding playlists

How much does a DIY Wedding DJ Package cost?
You should expect to pay between $300-500

Stag & Doe or Jack & Jill DJ Package

Approximately 6 hours of service.

If you are throwing a pre-wedding party such as a “Stag & Doe” or “Jack & Jill” many DJ companies will offer services which can help you make the most out of your event. Having your wedding DJ at your pre-wedding party is not only a great way for them to establish rapport with your guests before the wedding but their experience emceeing events will ensure your guests have a blast with your games. Many DJ companies will even offer a package bundle which will help you save even more.

Commonly Includes;

  • Experienced DJ
  • Emceeing party games
  • Sound & Lighting setup

How much does a DJ cost for a Stag & Doe or Jack & Jill?
You should expect to pay between $400-800

Micro Wedding DJ Package

Approximately 5 hours of service.

Micro weddings or small-capacity weddings have become more and more popular. Although many micro weddings are too small to justify having a DJ, many couples are still wanting to have a music during dinner and a small dance party. These packages usually cover your ceremony, cocktail and dinner music, as well as first dance, parent dances, and a small dance party.

Commonly Includes;

  • Music Master (Pro DJ not always required)
  • Ceremony Music
  • Cocktail & Dinner Music
  • Small Dance Party

How much does a DJ cost for a Micro Wedding?
You should expect to pay between $800-1200

Cocktail Wedding DJ Package

Approximately 6 hours of service.

A very common wedding package you will see available with most DJ companies. It is designed for couples having a cocktail-style wedding that starts in the evening and does not have a formal sit-down dinner. These packages typically include music for a cocktail hour, informal dinner, speeches and then a dance party. 

Commonly Includes;

  • Experienced DJ/MC
  • Microphone for speeches
  • Sound & Lighting

How much does a DJ cost for a Cocktail Wedding?
You should expect to pay between $1200-1600

Wedding Reception DJ Package

Approximately 8 hours of service.

This standard wedding DJ package will include DJ service for everything except your wedding ceremony. You’ll have a DJ there from 5pm-1am to help you with your cocktail hour, grand entrance, dinner music, reception dance and of course all the great things that happen in between. The Wedding Reception DJ packages should typically include basic sound and lighting for your dance party.

Commonly Includes;

  • Experienced DJ/MC
  • Full night of dancing
  • Microphone for speeches
  • Dancefloor Lighting

How much does a DJ cost for a wedding reception only?
You should expect to pay between $1500-2500

Ceremony & Reception DJ Package

Approximately 10 hours of service.

This wedding package is by far the most popular. Brides love having the DJ there to provide support during the ceremony, to provide ceremony music or even to integrate with a live musician, in order to ensure even the guests at the back of your ceremony hear your vows. Then you have the confidence of knowing your DJ is already set up and ready to go for the rest of the evening.

Commonly Includes;

  • Experienced DJ/MC
  • Speaker, Mic & Music for ceremony
  • Full day coverage
  • Microphone for speeches
  • Great Sound & Lighting

How much does a DJ cost for a wedding ceremony and reception?
You should expect to pay between $2000-3000

Ultimate Wedding DJ Package

Premium DJ service for large weddings.

Weddings over 250 people often require a whole different approach to sound and lighting, which is why an Ultimate Wedding DJ Package is often a must-have for couples with a large guest list. These packages will typically provide multiple staff members throughout your entire wedding day and include premium sound & lighting systems as well as a multitude of add-ons.

Commonly Includes;

  • Experienced DJs/MCs
  • Multi staff members
  • Premium Sound & Lighting
  • Full day DJ coverage

How much does a DJ cost for an Ultimate Wedding DJ Package?
You should expect to pay between $3000-4000

All-Inclusive Wedding DJ Package

Full-day wedding DJ package full of premium features

Reserved for couples seeking a cut above the rest. There are only a handful of DJ companies that offer an all-inclusive DJ package, which typically includes premium add-ons such as indoor fireworks & dry-ice, wedding photobooth, slideshow and more. They may also include premium equipment upgrades, international travel and many other features that are bundled together into one amazing DJ package.

Commonly Includes;

  • Top-tier DJ/MC
  • Premium Add-ons
  • Premium Sound & Lighting
  • Tons of extra features

How much does a DJ cost for an All-Inclusive Wedding DJ Package?
You should expect to pay $5000 or more.

An initial consultation is the best way for us to provide you with an accurate quote.



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