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Prom Entertainment Ideas

What Games and Activities Should We Have At Our School Prom?

Your school’s prom is one of the most important events it will host for its students. As a formational social event, your students are going to remember their prom experience for the rest of their lives. But with hundreds of themes and entertainment ideas to choose from, how do you know what is right for your prom night?

Here are some of our favourite Prom Night ideas;

Rent A Photobooth

School Prom Photobooth

A photobooth is a fantastic addition to any prom night, as it allows students to capture and cherish memories from this special occasion. Our photobooth services offer a variety of backdrops, props, and personalized photo strips, so your students can have fun and creative photos that they can keep forever. With unlimited prints, students can take as many pictures as they want, making it easy to share memories with their friends and family.

Our photobooth services are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Students can take their own pictures and instantly print them out, creating a fun and interactive experience. Our photobooth attendants will be on hand to assist students and ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the night.

Having a photobooth at your school prom will not only add to the overall experience but will also provide a fun and interactive activity for students to enjoy. With our photobooth services, you can be sure that your students will have a blast capturing memories and taking home personalized keepsakes from the night.

Group Activities for Prom

Musical Chairs Scavenger Hunt

This is one of our all-time favourite group games to play. It creates an incredibly entertaining atmosphere that is fun not only for the contestants but for everyone watching as well. The premise of the game is very simple; you will play musical chairs but instead of circling around the chairs until the music stops, contestants will have to race to find certain items in the room and return to their chair with that item.

As per traditional musical chairs, there should always be one or two fewer chairs than there are contestants, that way the last to return with their items will not have anywhere to sit and therefore be eliminated. Each round, the DJ or MC will announce an item for everyone to find. While contestants race around the room searching for their item, the DJ should play some fun/upbeat music, stopping it when the last remaining chair has been sat in.

Whoever has not returned with the correct item and sat down in an available seat will be disqualified. Each round, one or more chairs should be eliminated to ensure contestants continue to be eliminated. You’ll want to create a list of items that are very likely to be found at your event. These items could be simple items like a napkin, toothpick, mascara etc. You could also include some comedic items like toilet paper, an ice cube, or someone else’s credit card. These items make up the scavenger hunt aspect of the game. 

Simon Says

Another classic party game, normally reserved for younger children. Simon Says can be a whole lot of fun when done with a large group of people on the dance floor. The premise of the game is very simple, all players will be given one command at a time, such as “touch your head,” “stand on one foot,” “high-five yourself,” etc. The players should only obey the commands that are prefaced with “Simon Says…”

For example, commands such as “Simon says close your eyes” should be obeyed, while commands that are not prefaced with Simon Says, such as “jump up and down,” should be ignored. Any players that obey orders not prefaced with Simon Says, or fail to obey orders that are prefaced by “Simon Says,” should be eliminated.

Tricky Game

Contrary to the nature of Simon Says, this game consists of doing anything but what is asked of you. Just like Simon Says you will have a larger group of players assemble on the dancefloor while the DJ or MC issues commands to the players. If the command is “Run” players can jump, sit down, or even stand still. Anything except run! With Tricky Game, any players who follow the command that is given will be eliminated.

For example, STOP READING! See? You are already a pro at this.

Centerpiece Giveaway – Hot Potato – Table Game

Dreading the awkward small talk at the table? Play “Hot potato” instead! Grab a napkin or a spoon (a clean one, of course) and pass it around while the DJ plays some upbeat music. When the DJ pauses the music the person holding the item out. This continues until only one person remains at each table. The DJ can make commands after the music stops to change who is holding the item, such as “pass it across the table,” “pass it to the left twice,” and “pass it to the oldest person,” or combinations of these commands to make the game a little more interesting

The Four Corners

Everybody runs to one of four corners in the room. Everyone from one randomly chosen corner is eliminated per turn until there is only 1 winner. Once there are only 2 people they must each choose a different corner.

Basketball Free-throw

A popular venue for events such as Prom parties, is the school gym! If yours is being held in one, why not have some fun with the amenities? Challenge your friends and see who can make that sweet 3-pointer shot look easy, and claim bragging rights for the night.

Mummy wrap

For this game, the crowd is divided into several smaller groups that will work together to wrap 1 person on their team from head to toe with toilet paper. When the time is up or the song is over, whichever team has the best and spookiest mummy, with no gaps in the TP, WINS!

Pie or Pizza eating competition

Teenagers are hungry creatures, so why not make a competition out of it?
(This should be done under supervision and safely)

Table Surfing

Kids lay on floor and one person sits on upsidedown 6ft table. Table is pushed across the students who just get up and run to the front of the line to continue the tables movement.


How low can you go!? Limbo is another classic party game that eliminates one player at a time until only one winner remains. Players will line up behind a pole which is held horizontally at shoulder height. One at a time, players will have to lean backwards and pass underneath the limbo pole. If you touch the pole, fall down or touch the ground with anything other than your feet, you are eliminated! Once each player has passed underneath the pole once, the round is over and the pole is lowered by a few inches. This process is repeated and the limbo pole is lowered after each round until only one player remains.

In some cases, the pole may be lowered to the point that none of the remaining contestants are able to pass underneath it. In order to ensure there is a clear winner, we recommend repeating any round that eliminates all remaining players. For example, if only three players remain and all three players fail the round, you should repeat that round until only one player remains.

You’ll need one pole, approximately 6′ long, and two volunteers to hold the pole as contestants pass underneath it. Be sure to instruct your volunteers to hold the pole parallel to the ground and keep the height consistent with each round. The DJ should play music throughout the contest, and can even play a sound effect whenever a contestant gets eliminated.

Dancefloor Games for Prom

Freeze Dance

In this game, students dance to the music played by the DJ. When the DJ suddenly stops the music, everyone must freeze in their current dance position. Anyone who moves or loses their balance is eliminated. The DJ continues to play and stop the music, eliminating dancers until only one winner remains.

Dance Battle

Divide students into teams, and have a dance battle where each team takes turns showcasing their best moves. The DJ or a panel of judges can decide which team performed the best, or you can let the crowd vote by cheering.

Dance Roulette

The DJ plays short snippets of different songs, each with a distinct dance style (e.g., salsa, hip-hop, waltz, etc.). Students must quickly adapt and perform the corresponding dance style until the DJ switches songs again.

Dance Tag

Similar to a regular game of tag, students must try to avoid being “tagged” by the designated “tagger.” However, everyone must keep dancing while playing. If a student is tagged, they become the new “tagger” and must try to tag someone else.


Balloon Games

Balloon Game 1

Want the party to really POP? Well, take the matter into your own hands. Divide the crown into teams, and relay race to sit on balloons and pop them. The first team to finish popping all the balloons and crossing the finish line is the winner.

Balloon Game 2

Another great alternative to this game is to divide the room into two teams. Each one represented by a different colour. The teams will tie the corresponding colour balloons to their ankles, and the mission is to pop the opposing team’s balloons, all while guarding your own balloons. (If all your balloons are popped, you must exit the game.) The last colour standing wins!

Skill Based Games for Prom

Talent Show

Organize a talent show where students can showcase their unique skills, such as singing, dancing, magic tricks, or even stand-up comedy. Have a panel of judges or let the crowd vote for their favourite performance.

Art Corner

Set up a designated area where students can participate in a live art contest. Provide art supplies and allow participants to create drawings, paintings, or sculptures based on a given theme. Display the finished pieces and have attendees vote for their favorites.

Minute-to-Win-It Challenges

These quick and fun games test students’ skills in short, timed challenges. For example, students can compete in a cup-stacking race, a cookie-face challenge (moving a cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using hands), or a marshmallow toss (catching marshmallows in their mouth from a distance).

Trivia Quiz

Prepare a list of trivia questions based on various topics, such as pop culture, history, or even questions about the school itself. Divide students into teams and have them compete to answer the questions correctly. The team with the most points at the end wins.

We Will Make Your School Prom Legendary

Prom night is a special occasion that students will remember for years to come. With Legendary Sound as your school prom DJ, you can be sure that your prom night will be unforgettable. With a variety of entertainment options, from photo booth fun to live music, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Book us today to make your prom night legendary!

Note: Please keep in mind that this is just an example and you should check with your school if any of the activities mentioned above are allowed on the prom night.

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