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Here Are Some Helpful Resources

Here are a few resources that will help you to find the right type of DJ for your wedding. Whether you’re looking to learn about the types of packages commonly offered, how much DJ services should cost, or what your DJ will be responsible for at your wedding.

What Is The Cost of A Wedding DJ

What Is The Average Wedding DJ Cost? If you're new to hiring a Wedding DJ as most couples are, it can be hard to navigate the variety of pricing and offers out there in the wedding industry. While some DJs are only charging a couple of hundred dollars, others seem to...

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Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

What Questions Should I Ask My DJ Before I Book? Your wedding will be one of the biggest and most important events of your life, which is why selecting the right professional to help you and your guests have an experience you will never want to forget. But with...

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The Three Tiers of DJ Services

What Type of DJ Should I Hire? The cost of hiring a wedding DJ can vary based on several factors including the type of Dj desired, location of your wedding venue, event date, venue size guest count as well as the variety of services or add-ons required. Most DJ...

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Where to Find The Perfect Wedding DJ

Depending on where you live, you may be inundated with wedding DJ choices, or struggling to find a professional who can get the job done. Either way, you’re going to want to make a shortlist of available DJ’s who fit within your budget, before you start to interview and narrow your selection. Here are a few ideas to help you start your search.

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The Many Roles of a Wedding DJ

What Does A Wedding DJ Do? During your wedding day, your DJ is going to be performing somewhere between 6-10 hours of total music service, including about 4-6 hours of nonstop music for your entire guest-list to dance to after dinner. With all the things your DJ is...

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The 6 Different Types of DJ

What Are The Most Common DJ Types?   Not all DJs are the equal. Just as there are a variety of different makeup artists and photographers, there are a dozen or more types of DJs in the entertainment industry. When it comes to finding a provider of music for your...

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Hiring A Wedding DJ?

This guide will help you discover everything you need to know about how to hire an exceptional DJ for any wedding. This guide is the culmination of years of research and experience in the wedding DJ industry. Inside you’ll uncover;

  • Tips & Recommendations on hiring an exceptional DJ

  • Cost-Saving Ideas and industry pricing insights

  • Expert Advice on each aspect of hiring your DJ